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Posted by Xavon - January 25th, 2012

I kind of check out the forums every now and then, been posting a bit.

If you remember me, make a post so I know I'm not the only one from my time.

I did a lot of crazy shit, most of which I don't remember. It's all in the posts.

Posted by Xavon - October 30th, 2007

There is a reward of porn below this massive wall of text.

Also 30 day ban for posting porn. Yay.

Committing an hero, brb.

Blog Update #Who fucking cares
List is alphabetized thanks to that faggot Skat0r whom I love.

Also, I'm going to fucking delete all those old ass health updates soon. Oh wait, I already did.


This blog is officially as big as my cock.

Genre Curtain Fire (AKA Bullet Hell.)

So, ever since Rabies hooked me up with Giga Wing for MAME, it's gotten me addicted to the Curtain Fire Genre. Absolutely amazing games, fun in their entirety and I'm thinking about one series in particular. The Touhou games, they're great. I started downloading and playing Touhou's 7th installment, Perfect Cherry Blossom, a couple nights ago and it is just absolutely awesome to look at and to play. The visuals are nice, the patterns are insane, and the difficult is unmatched by any game I've ever played. I could hardly even beat it on Easy, you're given 3 continues total before game over and I used 2 of them.

After playing that for a bit, I decided to check into other Bullet Hell gametypes. It just so happens that there were even more Touhou games for me to enjoy, and so I have. The 8th installment is Imperishable Night and along with that I also downloaded the 9.5th installment, Shoot the Bullet (This game is amazingly harder than anything I've ever played so far), and their 10th installment Mountain of Faith, which is actually still downloading at 57.8% as I write this. I highly recommend these games if you are good with reflexes, hand eye coordination, and love an extreme challenge along with lovely music and glorious visuals.

If you want to download them, I'm sure you can figure it out yourself, but it did take me a good couple hours to get myself in gear. Take note, they are made for a japanese company and so far I only have patches for PCB and IN. StB and MoF I have not found a translation for, but you should be able to deal just fine since the main menu is in english. I played StB without the translation and I got the hang of it fast enough. Here is a very helpful Touhou wiki to help you on whatever you need on the Touhou series.

Have fun.

Just an FYI: I reply to all comments.

AND HERE IS THE LIST; (Screw you guys who skipped all my personal updates.)

Here is my personal list of users I find to actually know what they're talking about. These people have the potential to be or are original and can hold an intellectual conversation with another human being, they use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling as they should. BBS Moderators are exempt, the majority of them fit the bill as it is. So here it goes.

1. 0peth
2. 36Holla
3. AshfordPride
4. BananaBreadMuffin
5. BareNakedMike
6. BlueFlameSkulls
7. BlueHippo
8. BonusStage
9. Britkid
10. CellarDoor6
11. cherries
12. Ejit
13. Gagsy
15. HotActionYiffFur
16. InnerChild548
17. InsertFunnyUserName
18. KungFuCow
19. Life-Stream
20. Lost-Chances
21. Lost-Wisdom
22. McJesus
23. Mechabloby
24. Peacekid
25. Phobotech
26. Rabid-Echidna
27. RabiesIsMe
28. Ryan
29. SBB
30. Shaun
31. Sidorio
32. Skat0r
33. Strength
34. Tancrisism
35. WilliWowza
36. ZeroAsALimit

That's what I've got for now. If you think you should be added to the list or want to be added to the list, post here and I'll monitor you a bit to see if you check out.

List Update 1;
I'll be adding reasons why each user is on the list from now on, I updated it with a few more users as well. The bolded names will be linked to their profile eventually, give me time.

List Update 2;
All the names are linked now, all users on the list have descriptions below as to why they are there. I'm still adding as they come.

List Update 3;
I'll be putting the names in alphabetical order soon, but since that's going to be a hassle for me copy and pasting everything in different spots I'll do it another time.

List Update 4;
Just added quite a few users to the list, I may very well be close to arranging them in alphabetical order soon.

So, here are the users and my brief description about them.

InsertFunnyUserName and me had quite a long PM conversation awhile back and she showed the traits I was looking for in a quality BBS poster. Recently she's enjoyed making threads with subtle lyrics in them.

Lost-Wisdom is one of the regulars that can know what they're talking about when they really want to discuss a subject. I see quality posts emitting from him constantly, worthy of a place on my list.

BlueHippo is one of the better users all around. Intelligent, humorous, friendly, and he also makes plenty of quality posts. We need more people like him on the BBS.

BonusStage is also, yet again, one of the better users. Very intelligent, plenty of quality posts and he knows what he's talking about when he gets into an argument or intellectual discussion. We also need more people like this.

Gagsy is on the list for her ability to be a female yet put us in our place on the BBS. I'll also mention intelligence, quality, etc.

WilliWowza is added to the list because even though I've started to dislike his ego and the way he does things, he still carries the intelligence I'm looking for.

RabiesIsMe is added to the list because I had a lovely PM conversation with him, quite a cheery fellow with some humor and witty comments.

Rabid-Echidna if I remember correctly used to be a forum moderator until it was revoked due to a mishap with a friend having access to his account while he was away, while that is in the past he's still retained his abilities to be what many users should aspire to be on the BBS.

madknt is added into the list of intelligent, quality posters who can actually provide a decent conversation if presented with a valid subject.

ZeroAsALimit, how can I not include the user with the most BBS posts? Of course he deserves to be on this list because when you post as much as he does, it's hard not to have a boatload of interesting, quality, intelligence, debatable topics as he does. While his post count is just for show, the intelligence he shows is worth something.

InnerChild548 may not have too many BBS posts, but he is organized and can obviously provide some entertainment to me. Cheers to him.

KungFuCow, based on a statement he made towards me, seems to be quite alike to me in plenty of ways. Intelligent, with potential, though laziness overwhelms him, as it does to me.

BlueFlameSkulls is yet another amazing regular, through all the low quality posts and stale humor that others may bring, he still manages to stand out and make himself noticed. Quality, intelligence, humor, it's all there, exactly what we need.

Sidorio, from what I've observed I've enjoyed seeing his posts thus far. Sometimes they're sarcastic flames, sometimes they're true flames sarcastically, sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it isn't, and to top it all of he's also got everything I've been looking for. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, quality, it's there in some way or another.

Lost-Chances. He's an obvious regular, up there with the minority with proper spelling, grammar, etc. You know the drill, Lost-Chances has all of it.

AshfordPride, along with being the creator of the well known Pheonix Wrong series, he's also a BBS regular with all the stats I look for in a poster. Intelligence, it's all about intelligence.

HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT entertains a majority of the BBS users whether they are newbies or regulars, I've been caught laughing out loud at many of his threads, true or not. Good humor is also quite a hard thing to find on the BBS, HFS brings it to us.

Tancrisism, it seems over the past few days I've been posting right before him or right after him, so obviously I'd take notice to him especially since I've received a reply or two from him as well. Overall, I just like this user. :)

Mechabloby is a cool guy, he knows what he's doing. He's smart, he's original, he keeps it fresh. Let's hope to see more of him in the future.

SBB is another cool user, I enjoy seeing him post as it's usually something that interests me in one way or another, be it funny or intelligent. SBB doesn't go wrong too often, and is a very decent BBS user.

0peth gets added to the list just because I really don't have too much of a doubt he's intelligent. I have nothing more to say on the user, but here is his earned place on my list.

BananaBreadMuffin, with 20k+ posts how can one not recognize him? Very decent user who is a key regular to the BBS. It would be a shame to lose him if he ever decides to abandon the quickly falling forums, as nobody will be able to quickly take his place. This user needs to keep up the good work.

BareNakedMike is another nice user whose post you can look forwards to. When it comes to a poster like him, you'll hardly find missed quality.

Strength, I've had plenty of personal conversations with Strength and he is yet another decent user. With around 5000+ posts, he brings the quality and originality we all yearn for in this current BBS.

CellarDoor6. Yeah, plenty of you will get your panties in a bunch and be angered by me having CD6 up here, but the fact of the matter is, he is intelligent. To be honest, that is the only reason he is on the list, he is undeniably smarter than the average user. Leave it at that.

Ryan, even though he enjoys ruining Blood+ for me causing me to stop watching it entirely, he gets a place on my list for being a decent user. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the people who actually talk to me.

HAYF, who didn't see this one coming? HAYF gets a spot on my list for obvious reasons, even though many of you either hate or love him, he's smart when he needs to be and he is quite the user on the BBS. Admit it, if we lost him, plenty of you would feel a big part of the BBS leaving.

McJesus, an intelligent and funny user who may be known for the "Lol IMVU" thread which is quite similar to Miles Gaia thread, but still hilarious nonetheless. McJesus earns his spot on my list.

Ejit, he's a cool guy. Smart, funny, and he gives me the attention my attention whoring self desires. Ejit gets a place on my list for being a good BBSer.

Skat0r; this badass motherfucker linked me to an alphabetizer for my list, that's so hardcore. I love this guy.

Phobotech has my back, he's a cool guy. Not as cool as me but pretty cool, eh?

Peacekid only gets a spot on my list to prevent me from turning homosexual. That and he's a funny guy and the only other user I can recognize by a level 9 Fab glove.

cherries is fucking cool as fuck, I talk to him all the time via AIM and we set up random E-Dates to spam the BBS with, even though some fuck nut jackass decides to delete them every time regardless of the amount of time, effort, and creativity we pour into them. <3 cherries.

Britkid, formerly known as TheRoyalEnglishmen, has been due to be put on my list for a while, so he finally gets his spot as an original, entertaining user. He made the "NG Big Brother" thread which I will link to some other time.

36Holla; I hate this guy, always blows me off in Paltalk like a douche and his buttfuck buddy Ryan follows suit. >:( Just kidding I love you and Ryan.

Life-Stream is an overall above decent user, I enjoy his posts and I can look forwards to intelligence whilst browsing through his words, nothing he can say will make me facepalm.

I'll continue to add more to the list as I notice the people I've forgotten or notice the people who actually are becoming the quality poster.

Users I acknowledge as intelligent

Posted by Xavon - October 21st, 2007

Just admit it already.

Get off the Bandwagon.

4chan is better.

Posted by Xavon - October 16th, 2007

As some of you may have seen me do, I tend to post an all caps message quoting some user to make a point quite often. Whether it's pointing out stupidity, stating the obvious, or sarcastically saying a user is "ORIGINAL AND FUNNY AND THAT "INSERT HERE" HAS NEVER BEEN SAID/DONE BEFORE" I do it because I can.

Post here if you know me more by my all capital sarcastic insults to people who should know better than to leave themselfs open as such.

Posted by Xavon - September 27th, 2007

Really I do. <3

Update: Nobody is leaving me any love back. :'(

Posted by Xavon - September 17th, 2007

So, in case you didn't know, notice or care, my internet died last week thanks to my brother spilling something on the modem which obviously wasn't water (I may have been able to salvage it had it been) and it fried. A horribly painful death for something that's been my most cherished companion over the last 4 years, I was sad. But, we have a new modem. My last one was black, this one is white (Superiority at it's finest) and it has 4 ethernet cable ports. (My last one only had 1 D:<) So now I have no need for a router, which is good because it didn't work with our new modem anyways, and my internet is just fine.

So, who missed me?

Posted by Xavon - September 5th, 2007



Posted by Xavon - August 27th, 2007

Hows it going Newgrounds?

Posted by Xavon - July 29th, 2007

My blogs, read them.

And comment :)

Posted by Xavon - July 28th, 2007



Okay, Anyways, Lets jump straight to the point -

Life. Reality, Whats it all about? Life, we dont know anything. The only true knowledge is knowing that we really dont know anything, and it makes things confusing. We can only ponder about things for so long until it whiplashes and our thoughts race to the point where we cant focus on it anymore. The reason is frankly because our brains cant understand or interpret what we are trying to think about, so it goes defensive and forces us to fuck up alittle.

We cant prove we exist, seriously. You could say "Well wtf, of course we exist, Look, I can see you, I can touch you, I can talk to you." But that doesnt prove anything. It just proves you can see me, touch me, and talk to me, It doesnt prove that I exist. Think about it, Can YOU Prove you exist? Can you prove we exist? Can you prove the World is real and not just some fucked up Illusion? You really cant, no matter how hard you try. My theories on life pretty much revolve around the "I think therefore I am" Theory, which I hadnt heard of till a friend of mine pointed out that it sounded somewhat similar.

My theory is alittle different though, Of course im sure it has the same concept, but its alittle different. If you think, you are, if you think it is, it is, and if we think it is or isnt, than it is or isnt.

Religion plays a part in my theory too, because it makes perfect sense. You cant prove God exists, Nor can you prove any other religion exists either.
Whats the one thing that every religion revolves around? Belief.
If you Believe your God Exists, Then he exists and vice versa. So if all religion is, is Belief, thats all your god is, Belief.

God is belief, and that is all. You cant prove your God 'Exists', same concept as everything else. So, look at it, We all have our individual God. Sounds wierd and crazy right? Belief isnt just whether you believe in God or not, It revolves around everything.

Take this for example. I think, therefore I am, I believe, therefore it is.
I can theoreticly get rid of Any emotion whenever I wanted to, And it all revolves around Belief. Here are the steps :
1. Go back to a painful time where you were extremley hurt or angry
2. Remember exactly how you felt
3. Think about what you tried to do? You tried to force yourself that you were ok so that the pain would go away. And thats exactly what happened, you forced yourself to believe that pain didnt exist anymore, so it dissapeared for the split few seconds you forgot about it. But then you realised "The pain is gone.." And you remembered the Pain, and since you remembered that Pain exists, the pain came flowing back.

Theoreticly you can get rid of everything by just using pure belief, and you cant prove it wrong. Some things are more difficult to get rid of than others.

It works like this.. Say you wanted to get rid of a Person, a human being. The only way it would work, is if you got EVERY Single person thats ever had contact with that person to 100% Truely believe that He/She Doesnt and never did Exist. Theoreticly That person should dissapear, and you cant prove it wrong.

You've already experienced the power of the theory yourself, Forcing yourself to believe Pain didnt exist and erasing it from ever existing until you remembered and lost your pure belief. So now you have to believe it somewhat, Doesnt it make sense to you? Look deeper into it.

Take 2 people (Labeled A and B ), and Severly injure both of them.
Take 1 Friend (Labeled AA - BB) from each person and have them both "Pray"
Both of the friends "Pray" to their 'God' (Belief)
Friend AA Truely believes 100% that A Will be healed.
Friend BB thinks that hes wasting his time, and doesnt believe B will heal.
The next day, A Heals, and B Doesnt heal. Coincidence or not?
Its happened before, perhaps you've experienced it.

But, New scenario, same thing -

Take 2 people (Labeled A and B ), and Severly injure both of them.
Take 1 Friend (Labeled AA - BB) from each person and have them both "Pray"
Both of the friends "Pray" to their 'God' (Belief)
Friend AA Truely believes 100% that A Will be healed..
Now - Friend BB Also truely believes 100% That B Will be healed
The next day, A Heals, and B Doesnt heal.
Same outcome, different beliefs, Why did it happen like that?
Its just like anything else, things vary, things change. You cant 100% do everything by just believing, it would give us too much power, and thats one more reason you cant prove this theory wrong.

Basicly, My theory is proving every other theory wrong along with itself, making this theory correct along with everything else too. ( Can your brain handle that? )