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Xavon's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 158 (From 12 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,565 Points

Adventure Story

Clouds Disappear Unlocked 1/26/12
5 Points
Collapse a cloud by standing on it.
Shrooms are Bouncy Unlocked 1/26/12
5 Points
Bounce off a mushroom and into the air.
Watch Your Step Unlocked 1/26/12
5 Points
Collapse a wooden platform by walking over it.
Foe Juggler Unlocked 1/26/12
10 Points
Keep an enemy up in the air by attacking it.
Newbie Mage Unlocked 1/26/12
10 Points
Cast a spell for the first time.
Newbie Warrior Unlocked 1/26/12
10 Points
Discover the standard 3-hit melee combo.
Self Destruction Unlocked 1/26/12
10 Points
Defeat any boss with their own projectiles.
Ice is Slippery 5 Points Stand on ice and slide around.
Lava is Hot 5 Points Stand on lava for too long and get hurt.
Animal Cruelty 10 Points Drop an enemy into some spikes, and watch it suffer.
Desert Dash 10 Points Beat Level 7 in under 50 seconds.
Foe Bouncer 10 Points Perform a massive aerial combo by bouncing off enemies.
Forest Jog 10 Points Beat level 3 in under 40 seconds.
Frost Bite 10 Points Hit an enemy with a dangling icicle.
Glacier Run 10 Points Beat Level 13 in under 60 seconds.
Master Mage 10 Points Cast a level 3 spell.
Master Warrior 10 Points Lose your ability to cast spells, you don't need them.
Spikes are Painful 10 Points Fall into a pit of spikes and regret it.
The Credits 10 Points Check out the credits page and maybe visit some links.
Volcano Sprint 10 Points Beat Level 19 in under 70 seconds.
Balanced Skillset 25 Points Buy the weakest version of every spell.
Boss Immunity 25 Points Defeat any boss without getting hit.
Endangered Species 25 Points Defeat 1000 foes in total.
Level Grinder 25 Points Reach an experience level of 30.
Power Up 25 Points Max out your HP and MP.
Boss Hunter 50 Points Complete the Boss Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Foe Exterminator 50 Points Complete the Foe Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Gold Hoarder 50 Points Collect every coin in every level.
Great Adventurer 50 Points Open every treasure chest in every level.
The End 100 Points Complete level 20, rescue the princess and finish the game.

Medals Earned: 7/30 (55/600 points)

Chroma Keys

Breaking the Ice Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
Score 5,000 points in one game.
Prochacho 25 Points Score 10,000 points in one game.
Prodigy 50 Points Score 20,000 points in one game.
Masochistic 100 Points Score 30,000 points in one game.
Suicidal Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (10/190 points)

Ghost Hacker

Access Denied Unlocked 11/1/10
5 Points
Kill 200 enemies.
Core collector 10 Points Save 50 data cores.
Hack the system 50 Points Complete level 25.
Sector unlocked 50 Points Complete all 25 levels.
L33t Haxor 100 Points Save all 250 data cores.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/215 points)

Goin Up

First kill Unlocked 6/24/11
5 Points
first Kill
Jump on 10 enemies Unlocked 6/24/11
5 Points
Jump on 10 enemies
I can double jump Unlocked 6/24/11
10 Points
I can double jump
I like my wall Unlocked 6/24/11
10 Points
jump on a wall 20 times
Jump on 50 enemies Unlocked 6/24/11
10 Points
Jump on 50 enemies
Find the hidden button Unlocked 6/24/11
25 Points
Find the hidden button
I can stop at any time Unlocked 6/24/11
50 Points
play for an hour
I can't stop at any time Unlocked 6/24/11
100 Points
play for 3 hours
I love dem clouds 10 Points touch the sky
Collect 1000 skulls 25 Points Collect 1000 skulls
Combo Breaker 25 Points Fiery Combo of 10
Jump on 100 enemies 25 Points Jump on 100 enemies
Kill 20 Spikes in one game 25 Points Kill 20 Spikes in one game
Collect 5000 skulls 50 Points Collect 5000 skulls
Evolve to final level 50 Points Evolve to final level
Kill 200 Goo-..Flying things.. 50 Points Kill 200 Goo-..Flying things..
Kill every big enemy 50 Points Kill every big enemy
Kill every small enemy 50 Points Kill every small enemy
The final Frontier 50 Points reach space
Kill every enemy 100 Points Kill every enemy
Lol Wut? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/21 (215/825 points)


Whizzkid 1 Min Unlocked 11/3/10
10 Points
Beat the boss Whizzkid in 1 minute or less.
5000 On PindestructoTank 5 Points Score 5000 points on the PindestructoTank mode.
99 Combo 10 Points Land a Combo of 99 or more in any mode.
Adventure Mode Complete 10 Points Beating Adventure Mode and viewing the end movie.
Betton 1 Min 10 Points Beat the boss Betton in 1 minute or less.
Pip Peril 1 Min 10 Points Beat the boss Pip Peril in 1 minute or less.
Standard Mode Complete 10 Points Max out all enemies in Standard Mode on any difficulty setting.
Friendly Fire Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/8 (10/75 points)

Level Up!

Gem Collector Unlocked 11/3/10
5 Points
Collect 100 Gems.
Gem Connoisseur Unlocked 11/3/10
10 Points
Collect All Giant Gems.
Gem Hoarder Unlocked 11/3/10
10 Points
Collect 400 Gems.
Moving the Mail Unlocked 11/3/10
10 Points
Find all the checkpoints in the level.
Mad Skills Unlocked 11/3/10
25 Points
Buy every skill.
Time Waster 5 Points Play to day 7 and beyond.
Dashing Course Legend 25 Points Beat the Super Dashing Course in under 25 seconds.
Fountain of Knowledge 25 Points Fill out every entry in the Codex.
Gem Addict 25 Points Collect every Red Gem on the Level.
Grinding Maniac 50 Points Max out every single level type.
Heartbreaker 50 Points Defeat Nightmare with only 1 LOVE level.
Insomniac 50 Points Complete the game without ever sleeping.
Obsessive 100 Points Get 100% completion.

Medals Earned: 5/13 (60/390 points)

Particle Wars Extreme

100 Enemies Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Kill 100 Enemies
30 Enemies Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Kill 30 Enemies
Achiever Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
3 Red Ribbons earned
Boss 1 Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
First boss destroyed
Boss 2 Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Second boss destroyed
Can't stop dying Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Die 15 times
Dead Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Get hit by a bullet
Frenzy Mode Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Enter Frenzy Mode for the first time
Gambling Problem Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Fail a Frenzy Chance
Getting The Hang of it Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Complete wave 10
I'm Winning Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Complete the first wave
Literate Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
Don't skip the tutorial
Reached the goal once! Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
First goal reached
Uh oh Unlocked 4/6/11
5 Points
First boss encounter
500 Enemies Unlocked 4/6/11
10 Points
Kill 500 Enemies
Boss 3 Unlocked 4/6/11
10 Points
Third boss destroyed
Frenzy Mode x 5 Unlocked 4/6/11
10 Points
5 Frenzies!
Kamakaze Unlocked 4/6/11
10 Points
Die from a Kamakaze enemy
Frenzy Mode Noob Unlocked 4/6/11
25 Points
Die in Frenzy Mode
Frenzy Mode Pro Unlocked 4/6/11
25 Points
Get 15 item in Frenzy Mode
1500 Enemies Unlocked 4/6/11
50 Points
Kill 1500 Enemies
Like on Facebook 5 Points Spread the word :D
Score Attack Pro 5 Points Get to wave 15 on Score Attack
Boss 4 10 Points Fourth boss destroyed
Died again 10 Points 40 deaths
Easy Complete 10 Points Game completed on easy
Multiplier Master 10 Points Reach a 300 multiplier
Perfect 10 Points All Red Ribbons Earned
Score Attack Ace 10 Points Get to wave 30 on Score Attack
Score Attack Expert 10 Points Get to wave 45 on Score Attack
Successful 10 Points 10 Red Ribbons Earned
Boss 5 25 Points Final boss destroyed
Hard Complete 25 Points Game completed on hard
Frenzy Mode Expert 50 Points Get 30 item in Frenzy Mode
Extreme Complete 100 Points Game completed on Extreme

Medals Earned: 21/35 (210/500 points)


Mitch's Medal Unlocked 4/16/11
10 Points
Meet Mitch!
Shirley's Medal Unlocked 4/16/11
10 Points
Meet Shirley!
Bee's Medal 10 Points Meet Bee!
Magician's Medal 25 Points Kill the magician!

Medals Earned: 2/4 (20/55 points)

Road of the Dead

Blunt Force Trauma Unlocked 11/1/10
5 Points
Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Hydroficial Intelligence Unlocked 11/1/10
10 Points
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Hood Shaker 5 Points Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Flip Flop 10 Points Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
Gunslinger 10 Points Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Meticulous 10 Points Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Don't Need Wheels 25 Points Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
No Mercy 25 Points Hit 25 civilians
Quick Draw 25 Points Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Road Dominator 25 Points Hit 50 highway soldiers
Road Warrior 25 Points Defeat a helicopter
Wise Man 25 Points Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Close Encounters 50 Points Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
Nuke Watcher 50 Points Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Pinball 50 Points Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Speed Racer 50 Points Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Tank 50 Points Buy all the upgrades
Time To Spare 50 Points Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Top Gun 50 Points Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Zombie Sniper 50 Points Do 30 zombie splatter hits
Dead On Time 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Hell's Angel 100 Points Beat Highway To Hell
One Man Army 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Police State
Survivor 100 Points Beat The Great Escape

Medals Earned: 2/24 (15/1,000 points)

Tentacle Wars

Level 01 Unlocked 12/14/10
5 Points
It's time to learn some tricks
Level 02 Unlocked 12/14/10
5 Points
Team: step back then protect front line
Level 03 Unlocked 12/14/10
5 Points
Dominate! This is your only salvation
Level 04 Unlocked 12/14/10
5 Points
Cut! In the right place, at the right time
Level 05 Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
Master the craft of war
Level 06 Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
What a huge life form!
Level 07 Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
Your enemies - are enemies to each other
Level 08 Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
Get out of my corner
Level 09 Unlocked 12/14/10
10 Points
Try walking in their shoes
Level 10 10 Points Is this place safe to hide forever?
Level 11 25 Points Escape
Level 12 25 Points Quick Victory: finish with him as soon as possible
Level 13 25 Points This should be easy
Level 14 25 Points Neutral wall
Level 15 25 Points Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Level 16 50 Points Run as fast as you can
Level 17 50 Points Quick team trick
Level 18 50 Points Behind the wall
Level 19 50 Points Predator is the top life form - become him!
Level 20 50 Points They have no chance to survive...

Medals Earned: 9/20 (70/455 points)